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Inland Transportation

Inland Transportation

Vinatrans trucking fleet is one of the most long-lasting and professional trucking fleet in the import-export transportation market. The vehicles are continuously renewed and increased in order to maintain and to conform to the diversity demands of the market.

Handle synchronously both handling services and transportation for oversize/overweight cargo, oversize/overweight equipments and structures, containers… etc.. with duly safety from departure to destination. Organize, co-ordinate for import-export shipment under multimodal transportation method, door-to-door handling.

At the moment, we owned 40 trailers and 70 chassis in various kinds, those equipments are periodic maintenance; the driver team are professional, proactive and regularly be upgraded occupational and safety skills. The fleet operates in all main routes and in surrounding regions such as Mekong Delta, South East Region and also to the Central or the North upon request.


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